Ethan Marren

Brash human blacksmith


You’d like that wouldn’t you.


Born and raised in Kalasim, Ethan took over after his father passed away at the age of 50. Ethan was but 13 years old at the time, and as such he has been forced to learn to stand his ground and fend for himself in life. Combining his hard working nature with actions tempered by the wisdom of the streets, Ethan forged his way to becoming the top blacksmith in all of Kalasim, but not without a price. At a rather young age, an inexperienced Ethan played with fire a bit too closely, and lost his hand in the process. Since then, it has been replaced by a slew of functional tools, and does not hinder his work the slightest.

Ethan often comes across as tough and brash, but he is a hard working, honest man and a helpful friend in times of true need.

Ethan Marren

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