Lyra Palebone

Ladylike goliath ranger


Lyra, a Goliath of strength and size even surpassing most of her own kind, was born in the far northern regions of Merendill, in a valley called Lon’katar. She was early to join the tribe’s hunting party, not out of desire, but requirement. The tribe had mysteriously lost members while they were out hunting, and as such any able-bodied member was to join the search for food and game.

After her first hunt, Lyra had already displayed great skills with her bow and arrow, but she felt she could do far more from a high perch. On her second hunting trip, she organized the party and increased the hunting efficiency drastically. On her third hunt, on her thirteenth birthday, she was to land the final blow on a great beast, as part of her trial. After hours of tracking through a swirling blizzard, the party came across a great, scarred direwolf. The fight was brutal, and several warriors fell, but Lyra finished the beast by jamming an arrow in its left eye. When she and the rest of the hunting party returned to the valley, not long passed before a great, white dragon attacked. Lyra watched helplessly as her friends and family were devoured by this monstrosity like nuggets of flesh and bone. She hid, and hid. After what felt like an eternity, a friendly voice pierced the silence, and she was rescued by an elderly gentleman who travelled the world. He brought her with him on his journey, and helped her find a new home in Kalasim.

Lyra since joined the City Watch and used her skillset to quickly climb the ranks until she reached the top. Along the way she lost the suspicion and fear of elves and other strange races, and learned what it means to be a lady in a civilized society.

Lyra Palebone

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